Gal Shuchami

Gal Shuchami

“The moon maintained its purity,” lit and escorting the regiment during the exercise in which you took part. An exercise that nearly replicates what would be expected of us in real combat conditions, if necessary. And then, when the light of the moon met the light of the sun, it happened. The tank that you commanded during the past month, and your first as commander of  Bazak Company tank 3a, climbed on the bridge, with you, primed and ready for the next offensive. During the tank’s movement over the bridge, it fell on its right side, into the trench you wanted to pass over. You managed to alert your team, warning them: “tank-rollover drill, “and they were, indeed, ready for it. But you, apparently, weren’t yet. This action of yours, and thanks to the way you drilled your team quickly in these procedures,  you saved your soldiers’ lives.  But you didn’t save yours, and in the rollover, found your own death.

Uriel, we had the privilege to accept you into service as tank commander. In this brief but very intensive and demanding time, your magnificence was revealed: first as a person. a modest person,  quiet and easy going, with a positive outlook. As it’s said: “still waters run deep,” and as such a person you exerted great influence on those around you. During your posting with us, you were also a war commander.  A commander imbued with a sense of mission to the people of Israel and to the country of Israel. You loved your soldiers truly and your concern for them was real.

The best example to describe your type of leadership can be found in your overturned tank. When I went into the tank seconds after the rollover, I asked your three soldiers: are you all okay, even though I already knew that this wasn’t the case anymore. But to see your three soldiers operate despite the reality forced on them, was praiseworthy.

Uriel, it’s important for me to say and only to hope that you know that your team was exemplary, a team of fighters, united, cool headed.  Know, Uriel, that you have something to be proud of.

Liwerant family, no words can express what our hearts feel in these moments. I can only tell you that we are with you in your pain and your sorrow. We embrace you because you’re part of our family now, and we’ll be there for you whenever you want and for whenever you need us. Uriel is engraved in the heritage of the regiment. Let his memory be blessed.